“In 10 years’ time you’ll only regret the things you have not done.”

C. Kaiser

Hi, I’m Chris.

I’m a nature and animal lover, freedom freak and travel addict.

As a hybrid nomad I reap the benefits from local employment and location independent online business life, which enabled me to travel longer than I have not been traveling.

And while booking beds I also plant trees. (Try it. It’s free.)

Apart from above, this page covers a myriad of topics such as incorporating (location independent) businesses, hacking productivity (try phone detox!), making money online and saving and investing money efficiently.

As marketing and sales strategist I write about marketing, including affiliate and email marketing, basic SEO and why I am not filthy rich.

For sheer entertainment, I’ll gladly share some (mostly hilarious, and mostly true) travel tales as well as some real-life wisdom I gathered along the way.

In case you like what you find here, find me on Facebook. And sign up for my bi-weekly Thursday Thoughts – a short newsletter guaranteed to not get boring.

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