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B'n'Tree: You book a bed, we plant a tree. Details on

B’n’Tree: You Book A Bed, We Plant A Tree.

Aim: Establish a cooperation with a hotel-booking platform to use parts of the booking revenue to plant trees.

Update Feb 2018: B’n’Tree is live! The simple, yet wonderful concept behind B’n’Tree: You book a bed, we plant a tree. No extra costs for you involved.

Read more or make a booking now.

And please spread the word. Every tree counts!

Jallenges. Challenge Yourself. Change The World. Details on

Jallenges: Challenge Yourself. Change The World.

Aim: Inspire people to do good – towards themselves, their friends and the environment.

Jallenges are like New Year’s resolutions, just shorter. As most Jallenges last one week only, they become a lot more achievable. And, one little step at a time, you gradually improve yourself and change the world.

Jallenges encourage people to achieve almost anything, from spending more time with your family and laughing more to saying yes more and help saving the planet.

All Jallenges are completely free of charge, so take a look at them now – and challenge yourself today. You will see: It is surprisingly simple, and incredibly efficient.

Update May 2017: The Jallenges are live! Check out our brand-new website, pick a Jallenge and participate. Oh, and please spread the word.

CO2 Affiliate Program: Monetarily Incentivize Carbon Offsetting.

Aim: Monetarily incentivize the promotion of carbon offsetting.

Every person with a clear mind currently witnesses a shift to think greener, more sustainable, and more long-term. As a long-standing tourism professional, I have witnessed this trend in the tourism industry as well: Lots of travelers want to travel more responsibly and are concerned about their carbon footprint.

Unfortunately, when it comes to putting their money where their mind is, capitalism often wins, and people rather hold on to their greens than investing them green.

To encourage more tourism professionals to actively promote carbon offsetting, we are developing an affiliate program, which incentivizes carbon offsetting monetarily. Essentially, this is no different that WWF paying its fundraisers on the street a commission for every new donor they sign up – just transferred into the digital world.

Current challenge: Find a carbon offsetting partner program. If you have any contacts or suggestions, please contact me.

DoBands Revived: Inspire People To Do Good.

Aim: Inspire people to do good.

After reading Tina Seeligs ‘What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20: A Crash Course on Making Your Place in the World’ (great book!), I got inspired to revive her idea of the do bands. Seeing how much good they have caused already, I think it is a shame the project wasn’t pursued any further, and am now looking into ways to revive this excellent idea.

To check the original website, click here.

Current challenge: Design a clearly arranged website layout. The challenges is that the design needs to handle hundreds, if not thousands of comments. If you know about design or simply have a creative mind, please contact me.

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