The quietest month to date results in the most positive income report so far. Apparently doing nothing does pay out at times. Here’s the Heleum Income Report February 2018.

Heleum Income Report February 2018

Note: In case you are new to this, and don’t know yet what Heleum is or does, read the full Heleum review first.



Hodling Is Key

February was the quietest month since I started investing with Heleum 3 months ago. After December having been up and down, and January mostly down, I decided to hold my horses now and see how things develop.

When investing with Heleum, you should bring a bit of patience. Heleum isn’t designed for day traders, but for investors. Balloons usually stay afloat for about 2-3 months, and in the best case you take the gains and re-invest them right away. Hodling is key.

Heleum is a long-term investment vehicle. Since cryptocurrencies are a relatively new thing, prices move up and down, often significantly in a very short amount of time. Keep calm. Go travel.

Heleum Income Report February 2018 2

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the cryptocurrency market looked like this every day?
Or would it be boring?
Screenshot from on Feb 12, 2018.

Invest With Heleum. Then Go Travel.

The great thing about Heleum is that it takes care of all the investing fully automatically. You don’t have to lift a finger but can still profit from all the trends in the cryptosphere.

Which is brilliant for months like these. As I was traveling a lot, I wouldn’t have wanted to keep up with the cryptocurrency developments on a daily basis (or even more frequently than that). Hence it was good to have Heleum handle all the cryptocurrency trades for me.

Heleum Income Report February 2018 1

Some coins go up, some go down… Heleum tries to find the best deals for you, while you are swinging in your hammock.
Screenshot from on Mar 1, 2018.

Do You Believe In Cryptocurrencies?

In the end, your strategy depends on whether you believe in cryptocurrencies or not. I love the concept and the idea behind cryptos. And most people who have given it some thought feel the same.

Whether they opine cryptos are only for illegal deals by dubious people, or a necessary development in this ever-more globalizing world where state-boundaries are quickly losing value, there seems to be a growing market for cryptos.

And we all know wherever there’s a growing market, prices rise. Maybe not without interruption, but in the long term they rise. Check out Apple’s or Amazon’s stock price charts if you’re in doubt.

This month, the cryptocurrency investment paid. I wasn’t invested in fiat currency one single time this month. It worked. Here are the stats:


Heleum Income Report February 2018

On Feb 1 I had 1,436 USD in my Heleum account. On Mar 1, this had risen to 1,635 USD. Roughly 14% up. Not too bad for doing absolutely nothing. I could get used to that.

Heleum Income Report February 2018 3

Overall still down, but much better than last month…

Kaiser’s Investment Opinion

As speculated in the January income report, after a big dip it is often a good time to invest. Then again, this always depends on whether you believe cryptocurrencies are just a temporary trend or have come to stay. If you believe the latter, invest now, as over time price will rise.

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Note: This is no official investment advice, just my opinion. Should you decide to act upon it, please do so responsibly.

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