That’s it. My first month using Heleum is over. So here comes the Heleum Income Report December 2017.

It was all rollercoaster rides, with ups and downs – and no happy ending. December did generate first profits already – but it ended in the reds. How much exactly, I’ll reveal today in my first monthly Heleum Income Report.

Heleum Income Report December 2017


Note: In case you haven’t heard of Heleum yet, but are looking for a fully automated way to invest some savings long-term, read the fully updated Heleum Review first.

Next Note: This is not investment advice. This article solely reports my personal experiences with the AI-investment app Heleum.



Safety Advice

As Heleum is quite new, and was only officially launched on November 1, 2017, I only invested some gambling money for now. In case you do open a Heleum account as well, please never invest more than you are prepared to lose. Currency trading is high-risk investing, especially when crypto currencies are involved. You can win a lot, but you could also lose it all.

Initial Investment

I opted for 500 EUR as initial investment (591.5 USD after conversion on December 1, 2017). Heleum divided these 591.5 USD into seven equal balloons of 84.5 USD each.

For the next seven days, Heleum floated one balloon a day, each starting with a completely different currency and trading path.

However, after about 2 weeks, 6 out of 7 balloons were following the same investment pattern. This is fantastic in case the one chosen currency goes up, but bad if things go down.

On request the (surprisingly fast) customer service explained this can be part of the investment strategy. If the algorithm determines one path as the most profitable, all investments begin following this path in order to maximize profits.

Which makes perfect sense to me. In a high-risk gamble, you’d go all in. But Heleum markets its algorithm as ‘long-term investment’. Going all in certainly does not minimize risk by portfolio diversification.

As said, I only invested what I was prepared to lose, so I left the money in place, and compared it to my (more diversified) cryptocurrency portfolio.

Heleum performed quite well temporarily, and accumulated profits of about 30% within three weeks.

The Christmas Crypto Crash

Then came the Christmas crash, and 19 out of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap lost value – Bitcoin as heavily as 30% within 24 hours. For some reason, Heleum stuck to cryptos, with 6 balloons betting on LiteCoin and one on Bitcoin.

Heleum Income Report December - Crypto Crash

Most major cryptocurrencies crashed significantly towards the end of 2017. Source: Coinmarketcap.


All of the accumulated Heleum income of the weeks prior vanished within two days. And with it my hope that a smart algorithm would transfer the money to fiat currencies in such cases.

Private Portfolio vs AI-Investing

When comparing my private portfolio against the Heleum’s AI algorithm, the winner this month was my private portfolio. As Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Ether increased their value they could partially offset the losses of Bitcoin and Litecoin. The Heleum-chosen LiteCoin finished the month at a loss.

Note: I didn’t trade with my private portfolio this month, just left my money invested in five major cryptocurrencies.

An Alcohol Addict Algorithm?

Surprisingly, nothing happened at all from Dec 19 until Jan 1. While prior to Dec 19 most balloons traded daily, some of them even multiple times a day, not a single trade took place during the above-mentioned 13 days. My bet is that the algorithm is an alcoholic addict, taking the festive days off…

Well, one thing happened: Heleum sent out a newsletter, announcing a new system incentivizing higher investments. I have added this to my updated Heleum Review.

Heleum Income Report December 2017

As of January 1, 2018, my Heleum portfolio stands at 541.43 USD, which reflects an 8.5% decrease. Or ‘negative growth’, as investors would call it. Quite a bummer, as the investment was up 30% about two weeks ago. But then again just a reminder that nothing is perfect – not even AI algorithms. Yet.

Heleum Income Report December - Heleum Growth Details

The final Heleum portfolio overview on January 1, 2018. Happy New Year!

Advice of the month

We clearly saw this month that the Heleum algorithm isn’t quite perfect yet. Please don’t throw all your money at Heleum for now.

If you like crypto-investing, keep a diversified portfolio in your Uphold account (or any wallet of your choice). Uphold currently offers you to hold money in 7 different cryptocurrencies, with more to come. (Just this December they added two cryptos.)

Then again: Since most cryptos lost value over the past two weeks, it might be an interesting time to invest now. It’s your call. Join our Facebook discussion to see what others think of Heleum.

Nobody knows what the future holds. But I’ll keep you updated next month how investing with Heleum goes in January 2018.

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