The Heleum Income Report April 2018 is by far the most positive I have the pleasure to write since I started using the app in December 2017. And that despite still running version 1.0! It seems the only way is up…

Heleum Income Report April 2018

Note: In case you are new to this, and don’t know yet what Heleum is or does, you should first read this comprehensive Heleum review.

Overview Cryptocurrency Market April 2018

April was overall a terrific month for cryptocurrency growth. After diving for the past three months, demand is back, and prices are on the rise.

Heleum Income Report April 2018 1

All major coins and tokens on the rise.
Screenshot from April 24, 2018. Thank you,


The value increase even lead venture capitalist Tim Draper to speculate that Bitcoin could be bigger than the internet. While I’m not sure whether that’s correct (or even possible), I strongly agree with supporters and authors such as Joshua Cooper Ramo, stating that cryptocurrencies have come to stay, and that hence value will inevitably increase over time. (Just finished reading Joshua’s ‘The Seventh Sense’. Definitely worth its while!)

Heleum Income Report April 2018

As you know from my Heleum Income Report March 2018, on April 3 my Heleum account held 717 USD. 28 days later, on May 1, this has increased to 1,092 USD.

That’s over 50% increase!

Almost incredible. Imagine you had invested all your savings into Heleum beginning of the month, and then done absolutely nothing for 4 weeks…

We all know we can’t turn back time. But with Bitcoin still trading below 9,000 USD as I write, chances are the growth streak isn’t over quite yet. Still enough time to jump on board and invest with Heleum. It’s free.

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On the downside, all my balloons are still in the reds. Fingers crossed the trend keeps on going – I’d love to see my first balloon pop one day!

Heleum Income Report April 2018 Account Screenshot

Heleum Account Screenshot May 1, 2018

Heleum Income Outlook May 2018

In addition to market conditions looking favorable and cryptocurrencies being on the rise again, one other argument makes me look forward to May a lot: Heleum promised to finally release its version 2.0! Lots of improvements are underway, including stop loss mechanisms and smarter investment algorithms. Let’s see how that will affect the balloons.

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Disclaimer: As always, none of this is official investment advice, just my personal opinion. Should you decide to invest with Heleum, please do so responsibly.

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