We all know that sex sells. How well? This super short case study reveals it.

How Much Sex Sells Case Study CeeKaiser.com

Cee Kaiser’s Sex Sells Case Study

Here’s a screenshot of the opening and click rates of my bi-weekly newsletter ‘Thursday Thoughts’. Look what happens as soon as you talk about sex or BJs.

How Much Sex Sells Case study Screenshot Email opening rates

Screenshot from my MailerLite account


The average opening rate for the past five non-sex-related newsletters is 31.41%, the average click rate 6.46%.

As soon as sex or BJs are mentioned, the opening rate skyrockets to 48% and 43.48% respectively. Click rates are 12% and 13.04 %.

Note: The 12% click rate is flawed, since there was no actual link to the book ‘Sex at Dawn’ in the respective newsletter. Guess I should have included one, since almost 55% clicked on the BJ link in the other email.

How Much Sex Sells Case study Screenshot Link Activitiy Thursday Thoughts

Screenshot from my MailerLite account

Sexy Summary

Reviewing ‘Sex at Dawn’ topped my average open rate by over 50%, while the Steak & BJ Day did the same to the click rate.

Note to self: We should all talk about sex more often! 

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What do you think? Shout me a “Yes, I love sex!” in the comments, if you agree.

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